Saturday, 22 November 2014

Acanthamoeba Keratitis Blog 3 (22/11/2014)

  • 42 days since first symptoms. 
  • 81 days until expected clearance date.
It should be noted that the above is just an approximation. There is no guarantee that I'll be all better in 81 days, fact recent trips to the eye doctor seem to suggest that it'll be much longer. Thems amoebae are fuckin stubborn bastards. The above is just something for me to work towards, something to keep me going and give me hope. Even if it's false hope.

 So ya, it's probably gonna be a while before I'm 100% again. The doctor said that although I am over the worst of it and that I have made significant progress in recovery, that there are still some stubborn pockets of amoebae in my cornea. And they are just not budging. That's my progress in the last two weeks in a nutshell. There's not much else I can update ye on.

That said, stubborn pockets aside, my eye has seen improvement. Very slight improvement, but improvement nonetheless. Every week it gets a tad little bit whiter and less red. I am also at the point where my eye is more often open than closed, which is good. Especially considering it had been closed for nearly an entire month. Eyedrops are still the same. The doctor had mentioned starting me on steroid drops, but we ultimately decided against it. The steroid drops wouldn't actually help with the infection, it would just speed up the healing of my eye, making it look whiter and stuff. But the risk is that the acanthamoeba would continue to linger and potentially get worse and take longer to get rid of completely. I'd rather have the infection gone completely sooner rather than have my eye look less disgusting but be at higher risk. It's the better choice in the long run.

FEELINGS. How am I feeling? Grand to be honest. I had sorta freaked myself at the beginning of this, but I've largely gotten over it. With my eye being open most of the time now, I'm less self-conscious about how I must look to others. The thing for me to remember is that it's only gonna get better and better from now on. Knock on wood. I shouldn't have said that. Somethings gonna go wrong now. NO. FUCK THAT. THAT'S THE WRONG MENTALITY. I WILL GET BETTTTTTTTEEEEEEER.

But yeh. That's it really. I'll update ye again in a week or two or whenever I'm arsed. In the meantime, here is a vidja I made:

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